Pebblebee Honey 3 Pack

Honey: Key Finder – 3 Pack


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The Honey is a powerful bluetooth tracker is a perfect finder for your keys, phones, wallets, remote controls, luggage, purses, tablets, backpacks, cameras, kids toys, power tools, water bottles and other stationary valuables. 


Comes with:

– A replaceable battery of about 8 months to 1 Year of life.

– Best in class for range with a reliable 150 ft.

– Speaker and LED to make finding easier no matter where it is.

– Crowd sourced GPS: utilize other Honey owners signals, to find your device!

– Multi-Function button: side button sounds your phones alarm and controls it camera for group pictures.

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Product Description


  • Water resistant for most environments
  • Bluetooth Low Energy enabled Pebblebee, includes:
  • Buzz speaker to find in … well, hard to find places
  • Spark LED for sensitive situations
  • Multi-function button to help you find or to snap pictures with your mobile phone
  • A replaceable lithium battery with up to 1 year of fuel
  • Multi-Packs are packaged separately but shipped together

App Features

  • Share your items with friends you trust
  • Easy to use range finder
  • Access from multiple phones/tablets using your account
  • Secure tag with secure logon
  • Always connected with the Pebblebee cloud, which can be disabled
  • Last seen function, allowing you to trace back your way to your misplaced item
  • Virtual lost & found with extended reach through the help of the Pebblebee network
  • Customize range alerts
  • Set location based alerts so you never leave your belongings behind when it matters
  • Set privacy mode for privacy and increasing battery life

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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 x 9 x 2 in

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