8 Unique Ways to Use a Pebblebee Finder in 2021

8 Unique Ways to Use a Pebblebee Finder in 2021

You're running out the door on Monday morning trying not to be late to work when you realize your keys aren't on the hook or your wallet isn't in the tray on your dresser.

Sound familiar?

Misplacing items is not only bothersome and a waste of time but also very costly. GPS technology can now help you make sure you keep a better eye on your personal items, from your wallet to your car to your teenagers.

Pebblebee Finder has developed many personal GPS tools for all of your tracking needs. Check out these eight unique ways to effortlessly track items in ways you never thought of before.

Keep Your Wallet and Keys Close

Your keys and your wallet are the two personal items you absolutely can't live without. You can't go through the day without those things.

Putting the Pebblebee Finder Classic on your keyring will give you tracking capabilities up to 2000ft. With a thunderous tone, users can engage with the application on their phone to track their keys by listening to the ringing.

Your wallet is home to your license, your credit cards, your bank card, and cash. Replacing cards like these are costly and take time. Also, there can be a security issue if someone gains access to your personal information in your wallet.

The PebbleBee BlackCard slips effortlessly into your wallet and gives you the ability to track your wallet, whether you go. Wallets are easy to leave behind anywhere, like bars, restaurants, and stores.

Track Tech

Personal GPS devices can be used to track the technology you use for everyday life. Attaching these devices to your iPad, e-reader, or laptop will ensure you can track personal technology, no matter if you're traveling or misplace something in your office.

The technology that you use in your life is priceless. Your computer has documents, files, or assignments that are mandatory for your work or education stored on it. You can't live without your computer or tablet, and you shouldn't have to.

Stop Losing Your Remote

The remote never fails to go missing. Whether your kids carry it off, it gets misplaced during a gathering, or it falls behind the couch cushions, it is a frustrating device to misplace.

With Pebblebee's sound technology, you can use your phone to set off the tracker on your remote. This will keep your movie marathon or game day right on schedule and avoid annoying hours ripping the house apart looking for the remote.

Keep Your Sports Bags Close By

Whether you're trying to track your golf clubs, your tennis rackets, or your gym bag, throwing a Pebblebee in your sports bag is an excellent idea. It is upsetting to lose your lucky club or racket.

Avoid having to buy more expensive equipment or sit out a game by tracking your sports stuff with a GPS tracker. This is also a great way to keep track of your kids' sports bags as well.

It's very simple for your kids to leave their soccer bag or tennis rackets at the school, on the bus, or the fields. Save money by throwing a GPS tracker on or in their bag.

Track Your Vehicle (Especially if You're Not Driving It)

Placing a GPS tracker in your vehicle is another great way to simplify your life. Whether you're parking downtown for the evening or leaving your car at the airport, you can use a GPS tracker to monitor its location.

You can put a tracker in your car, especially if someone else will be using your car. Whether you're loaning your car to your teenager or a friend, you can keep track of where it's being driven with a Pebblebee tracker.

Use the Pebblebee Finder to Track Your Pets

Losing a pet is one of the worst feelings. Leaving doors open, being distracted for even 5 minutes, or fireworks can cause your pets to scatter. You can use name tags or microchip your pet, but many of these methods are unsuccessful and too passive to help you find your pet quickly.

You can put a Pebblebee Finder 2 right on your pet's collar. It will give you live, immediate updates on where your pets are located and help you find them if they go missing.

You can use the GPS tracker to check up on your pets if you go on vacation and while you're at work. This can be especially helpful if you have a daytime dog walker or a pet sitter.

Keep Your Business Tools Tracked

Use the Pebblebee finder as a creative way to track all of your business' assets. You can place a GPS in your company vehicles to track mileage. These are great devices to ensure your staff is accountable with their mileage reporting and using company vehicles respectfully.

A GPS can also be attached to company computers and other technology. This will help you save a lot of money as a business owner. Keeping track of all of the tools your staff use is a good way to stay organized and save time.

Know Where Your Luggage Is

Losing your luggage while traveling is an enormous inconvenience. It is extremely common too. With a Pebblebee GPS, you can at least track this frustration. It is a good way to make sure your luggage gets on your plane and moves to your connecting flight as you travel.

Keep Life On Track

With GPS trackers like the Pebblebee Finder, you can put your mind at ease and get your life on track. Forget about the discomfort and bother of misplacing things by tracking them all right from your phone.

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