Camping is all about being one with nature--for better or worse. It involves lots of coordination and planning in order to execute the ideal camping trip for everyone involved. Here are some tech gadgets for enhancing your camping experience, letting you enjoy nature instead of stressing over small details.

  1. 1. Bluetooth Speaker

    Whether you’re camping by the lake or in close proximity to some fantastic hikes, a Bluetooth speaker is a fun camping gadget to bring! Lay back in your chair on the lake and listen to some tunes or when you’re on that final stretch of the hike, keep the Bluetooth speaker in your backpack and jam out all the way up. However, make sure you’re aware of the quiet hours so you can be respectful of other campers. Speakers are portable, lightweight and perfect for keeping the mood light in those cold bitter mornings. Everyone can sing along around the fire pit making the Bluetooth speaker a part of your camping tradition.

  2. 2. Waterproof Phone Sleeve

    These sleeves are perfect for any outdoor occasion and cheap and simple to use. Protect your phone from rain, water, or even falling in the mud this summer with a waterproof phone sleeve. Most sleeves have a lanyard attached so you can wear your protected phone as a necklace -- the new camping fashion statement. The seal is thin as well so you are still able to take pictures and utilize most functions on your phone. One of my favorite features is the fact that it’s water-tight so I can jump into the lake or swim with my phone and take pictures up to 100 feet underwater. No need for a GoPro!

  3. 3. Electricity Generating Camp Stove

    Give your old camp stove griddle an upgrade with the newest camp stove technology that can generate electricity from your fire! These new camp stoves burn wood and have a fan feature that makes fire combustion more effective. There are settings that tell you real time size and heat of the fire helping you maintain it based on your needs. This new tech comes in two different styles; a more lightweight one for backpacking and one that is larger for camping. This product doesn’t require those pesky propane tanks, which means one less thing to carry. Best of all, you can charge your phone from the electricity it generated -- a win-win situation for everyone.

  4. 4. Pebblebee Stone

    The Pebblebee Stone offers a temperature sensing feature. Place one on the inside top of your ice cooler and set an alert in the Pebblebee app to be notified if the temperature rises too high. The Stone is a simple tool for knowing if your ice chest has warmed up and your food inside might be spoiled. This is safer and easier than the sniff or sample test.

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  6. 5. LED Portable Lantern

    It can be tricky to change into your warm pajamas in the dark. Most tents have a hook at the top of them which is perfect for attaching a LED portable lantern. This will illuminate the tent letting you change and find items easily. Lanterns are also useful for putting on the bench by the marshmallows at night to minimize the sticky mess left by the S’Mores making. The LED lights are energy-efficient and bright making it the perfect camping item.